About T&L Interiors

Styling is our passion, creating spaces that reflect the personality and lifestyle of the homeowner is our goal. “Repurposing” is a treasured task, whether it’s shuffling well-loved items within your home or setting out on the hunt for new-to-you unique articles that will add depth to the overall look of the room. Mixing these items with newly acquired furnishings, textures, and colors all work to create an inviting space. Our trademark “approachability” brings an unexpected ease to the process of decorating your home. By establishing a vibe that draws from both the personality of the homeowners as well as the innate architectural features of a space, we can create the ultimate place to call home! 


Same Location, Brand New Look.


Our Vision

“Love Where You Live”

T and L Interiors offers a wide range of products, services & resources to help you create a home you will Love!

Motorized Blinds & Shades
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